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  • The Power of Authenticity

    Abundance by Dawn Meader

    If you want a great website you can’t just apply content like spraying paint on a car. What you really want to find is the authentic voice of the person behind the business. If that person has the desire to help others in some way then the content will just flow and it will be fabulous […]

  • How To Engage A Reader In Five Seconds

    Rob Nguyen - Number Five

    You’ve only got about five seconds to catch the attention of your online reader. The first few seconds are all about visuals. People are scanning your website or your article for signs that you are a credible source of information. This initial decision is based on what you look like. People want to see a […]

  • Why Interviews Make Great Web Copy

    Bedfordale House, Architect: Suzanne Hunt

    The spoken word is something I love.  It has a vibrant energy to it. Over the last few months I’ve used interviews to gather material for website copy so I spend hours listening to and editing the spoken word. The challenge of editing a transcript back to compelling readable copy fascinates me. It can be quite a […]